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#Passion is one of the gifts humans are given… So don’t take this gift lightly, take a moment to feel it all. Weather it be the first, or last kiss of a lover, a sincere handshake of someone who is thankful or honored to know you. The true love of a friend or family member, the loss of someone or something that held a piece of your heart. When your role model says he/she is proud of you. That moment when your heart skips a beat, because you are so full of passion you think you may explode. Passion can create JOY. We need more of that in this city. The simple action of smiling or acknowledging a stranger on the subway helps spread the joy. Everybody is lonely… Which is funny in a city where its almost impossible to be alone. So feel passion, and Harness it for something good that will bring not only joy to your lives, but to those who surround you as you run through the concrete jungle filled with dreamers, paved with dreams of others who are out there feeling some type of way, and could maybe use someone like you or me to pick them up. (literally or figuratively)
Not all feelings are happy… But they are all meant to be felt. Without passion art, and growth in society would cease to exist. Without that I see no happiness. I do not ever want to live in that world. Feelings are contagious. So try to make the ones you put out into the universe positive. You could change someone’s, second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, maybe even their lives for the better. SPREAD THE JOY. Seek out what makes your soul dance with a fiery passion. #love #passion #thoughts #emotions #gotmefeelingsometypeofway #internalmonologue #PMA #writer #blog

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